Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Walking down Des Voeux Road Central

The old man walked a long ways down the centre of the street.


USelaine said...

Welcome to city daily photos. This is a fascinating picture of the man walking in the street.

Jilly said...

I wonder why he is walking down the centre of the street? Interesting.

Welcome to the Daily Photo family. Look forward to your HongKong photos.

Menton Daily Photo and Monte Carlo Daily Photo.

Olivier said...

bienvenu dans le monde des DP, tu commences par une photo magnifique, je l'imagine bien sorti d'un film de science fiction, j'adore.

Welcome to the world of DP, you start with a beautiful picture, I imagine out of a science fiction movie, I love.

magiceye said...

Welcome to daily photos!
Wonder why he was walking down the micddle? makes for a pretty picture though! :)

Rachel E. Adams said...

Thanks for the welcome! If only I knew why he wore those bright clothes that day and where he was going... Maybe better not to know.