Saturday, April 26, 2008

In Tung Chung outlet mall

Get your milky tea here - with Black and White evaporated milk. See, The Diner in December 07 for more.


Anonymous said...

Milky Tea. I have not heard that expression for a long time. I assume that is condensed milk? If it is then I wouldn't like it as that kind of milk was what we had to use during World War II and mixed with water as a substitute for real milk it wasn't the best taste in the world.

But we all liked it in tea and in coffee and that flavored those drinks just right. Nice shot.

Rachel E. Adams said...

It's not condensed milk. It's evaporated milk. The same as to make pumpkin pie. It's perfect in tea and coffee. Of course, sweetened condensed milk is great in coffee, too. That's what you have if you have Vietnamese coffee.