Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wan Chai MTR Internet

Two free internet ports in the MTR station, even though there are no bathrooms. There's a countdown clock on the screen of each counting down from 15 minutes (to keep you honest about how long you've been there.) The poppies are a perfume ad.


Jim said...

Thats a neat idea. I think they have those in airports here, but for a fee.

jules said...

I do like the wall tiles but it's a bit of over-kill with the floor being green also. It would work much better if the floor tiles were a different color, would make me less dizzy.

Jules said...

I left this note for you on my blog but thought I should deliver it to you here too in case you didn;t get back.

I haven't lived in Vietnam - it might be hard to believe (considering the number of photos 2 000 in all) that we were only there for two weeks. But we both had cameras and so did one of our daughters as well!!! Don't miss Hoi An, Hoi, Halong Bay, I adored Saigon but didn't leave enough time for it. Hanoi is so French and so gorgeous too. You will be safe the people are just lovely!!! Shopping in Hoi An is great and the place is full of tailors making clothes so bring pictures or samples. Have Fun!!!